When you don’t have the space to use a conventional system, the perfect solution, is a Ductless Mini Split

Enjoying the perfect ductless air conditioning and heating system in your home or business, is easy when you depend on the cooling experts at National Air. With free estimates and expert advice on the best system features, we’ll help you to provide the ideal heating and cooling solution with optimum comfort for your investment.

1. THE PERFECT DUCTLESS SYSTEM We’ll help you to choose the perfect ductless mini split system with the right capacity rating so it won’t struggle to reach your desired temperature while providing the benefits and features you want, such as quiet operation, wireless control, best energy efficiency ratings and indoor air quality features. With a vast range of models available, you’ll get the perfect ductless system to suit your needs and your budget.

2. HEATING & COOLING IN ONE SYSTEM The ductless heat pump option is the convenient and versatile temperature control solution, providing both cooling and heating within one system.

3. TEMPERATURE CONTROL ANYWHERE YOU NEED IT Eliminate hot or cold spots easily as the mini-split system can be installed anywhere you need it, quickly and as soon as today. They are also the perfect choice if you’ve extended your home and don’t want the expense of having additional ductwork installed, or want heating and cooling in outdoor buildings such as sheds. With a range of sizes and capacity you can have the perfect ductless mini split system installed anywhere you need it.

4. GREATER ENERGY EFFICIENCY Ductless minis plit systems are a cost effective and energy efficient way to heat or cool a specific room within your home without having to blanket heat or cool the entire house. With an inbuilt thermostat, your system will switch off once the set temperature has been reached, switching back on only to maintain that temperature and providing you with an energy efficient and cost effective heating and cooling solution.

5. FREE ESTIMATES ON NEW DUCTLESS SYSTEMS Learn the costs and benefits of the best spot heating & cooling solutions as one of our friendly experts can visit your home to discuss and assess your individual requirements and advise on the best ductless solution perfect for your needs.

6. PROFESSIONAL INSTALLATIONS By choosing National Air to professionally install your new ductless mini-split system you’ll benefit from our expertise that will help ensure your system is perfectly positioned and installed for maximum benefit, able to function at maximum operating capabilities and energy efficiency levels, plus we can show you how to operate your new system to take advantage of all its features and capabilities.

7. FINANCING OPTIONS We help to keep your HVAC home comfort needs within budget with our range of financing options and savings plans and rebates. Speak with one of our friendly team to find out more.

For fast same day ductless service and installations or to find out how you could benefit from a ductless system in your home or business, call and speak with the ductless heating and cooling experts at National Air today.

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